Phil Kawesch MA, LCSW

 I work well with people having difficulties at work or

in their relationships, love or otherwise.   I have had a lot

of experience with people who are in recovery and looking

for the next step.     Private out-of-Network.           

    *  Couple Counseling          *   Individual Psychotherapy

* Anxiety *  Panic Attacks *  Depression 
* Apathy      *  Uncontrollable Rage  *  Compulsions 
* Guilt  *  Family Problems  *  Stress 
* Self Esteem  *  Intrusive Thoughts  *  Unhappiness 
* Sex Abuse  *  Problems with Children  *  Alcohol/Drugs
                                  *  Emotional & Physical Abuse   

*  Westchester     *  Pelham        *  New Rochelle       *  Mt.  Vernon
    *  Bronxville    *  Eastchester    *  Pelham Manor    *  Tuckahoe

Located in Pelham (Lower Westchester)   

Call (917) 763-8942.  


Out-of-Network Provider


"I worked along side of Phil Kawesch and I am pleased to say that his work, effort and concern for patients is top of the best I have known"

Herbert Meadow, MD
"Phil Kawesch is an outstanding psychotherapist, whose work I trust fully.  It is my honor to be asked to write this.   Call him and see what I already know.  He is compassionate... understanding...  and will help you get at the core issues of many your difficulties."

Jay Bertin, LCSW
Licenced Psychotherapist