How Does Psychotherapy Work?

Most psychotherapy (whether short-term problem-focused, or long-term

psychoanalytically oriented treatment) relies upon a dialogue between 

the therapist and the patient.  The purpose of this dialogue is to help

explore the underlying causes of problems and symptoms.  A well

trained therapist can help you tap into that specialness that's already

inside of you. 

With an experienced psychotherapist, a person can develop their own

individual strengths and tools to better help them work through everyday

stress and to overcome more serious issues.

Each person's strength resides in their uniqueness and individuality.   You 
have the potential to transform your life, to achieve greater inner peach, and
to feel closer to other people and the things you care about.   A therapeutic relationship is a singularly unique relationship.   It is a collaboration between a patient and therapist, formed in trust, to relieve pain and promote your sense of well being.